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Getting Started

Courting a firm that you have acquisition/merger interest in, is by far one of the toughest hurdles to get over in the M&A process - especially when you do not know them already. Getting an audience with a viable prospect is a critical first step and sets the tone for continued discussions in the courting process. Firms these days are turned off to the general solicitation approach and typically disregard generic outreach attempts. The only way to get an audience is through trusted connections or displaying the uniqueness and true intent of a buyer that meshes well with their comfort level. The connect platform allows you to have the advanced ability in leveraging AECIQ’s networks to access firms that the general industry does not have access to. We are able to entertain the idea of making connections for you behind the scenes. Although not always guaranteed, our behind the scenes network and access gives you and your company a high percentage of potential to make viable connections.

Here are the 3 simple steps, to follow

  1. Tells us what firm(s) you are interested in connecting with. The form begins on the next page and will only take you 1-2 minutes to complete!
  2. An AECIQ representative will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your request, make any adjustments needed and confirm scope/pricing.
  3. AECIQ will complete your customized request and hopefully "CONNECT" you with your prospects.

Tell us about your needs (2-4 minutes start to finish).

2. Name & Objective

3. Synergy and History

4. Facilitation

5. Confidentiality

When we are gauging interest for you, it is important to know whether or not you would prefer us to keep your name/company name private at first.

Do you want AECIQ to hold your name/company confidential during our initial outreach?

6. Instruction/Comments

We want to learn more about the objective(s) associated with this initiative! The better we understand what you are trying to accomplish, the better armed we will be to make a connection for you. The Additional instruction/comments area is for you to cover any specific details you want us to be aware of when making a connection.

7. Summary

We need basic information to follow up on scope, pricing and timeline.

An AECIQ representative will contact you within 48 hours to confirm scope/pricing, turn around time, and delivery.

Order Submitted

Dear John Smith (KTGY Group, Inc.),

Thank you for taking a few minutes to design your custom criteria. An AECIQ representative will be in touch with you within the next 48 hours to discuss your request, confirm scope and finalize pricing. We look forward to speaking with you!

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