Over 650+ AEC firms use AECIQ to save hundreds of hours of time and gain deeper access to Talent Pools

“Over the past 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with AECIQ. Their customer-centric approach, agility and emphasis on delivery quality, has resulted in a level of trust and collaboration that continues to strengthen our partnership. AECIQ has become a key resource in our over talent acquisition strategy, combining the use of technology with a high touch approach.  No doubt they will be a trusted partner for years to come!”

Masai Lawson

Manager, Talent Acquisition of Gannett Fleming

“What a great experience! I wasn’t even looking for a new
opportunity when AECIQ contacted me. They had identified
me as a possible candidate for a leadership opportunity with
a new organization...Knowing that I had been “shortlisted” for a new opportunity
was a game changer for me to even consider an employment
change; and working with AECIQ was definitely more results oriented."

Shelley Ranney

Director of Operations, Todd & Associates

"This service has saved our company well over $200,000 in external recruiting fees as well as countless hours our small team doesn’t have to focus on sourcing. My CEO and COO were very impressed not only at the cost savings but with the lists of top talent we received."

Isabel Rodriguez

HR Director, WRA, Inc

“I find tremendous value in the AECIQ platform! Not only monetarily,
but in saving my time and in the quality of the candidates I receive.
For a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a staffing firm, I’ve
quickly received qualified candidates for our roles, with their interest
in joining our firm confirmed."

Alex Figge

Talent Development Specialist, LPA

"We have received some really
top-notch candidates. The other thing that I appreciated was
that we were fully in control all the way through. We got to
select the candidates that we wanted contacted and, after the
candidates were screened, we were in charge of selling our company instead
of a recruiter - who may have a different agenda."

Matt Gauntt

Office Manager, SE3